Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lace & Perfection

After blogging about the lace project I did six years ago that scared me away from lace, I thought I would dig it out.

I had a heck of a time with the project. The pattern itself is a beginner lace pattern of "Feather and Fans"- you can find it in all sorts of places. I believe it was a free pattern from Knit Picks from 6 years ago and I tried to locate it again to no avail. The finished piece is 5'x15".

I wore this lace only once as a wrap to my friend's wedding and when I returned home I packed it away. The project annoyed me so much and I was plagued by the mistakes; I thought they were so obvious. At my friend's wedding many of the Norwegian ladies came to look at my wrap and they complimented me on it...but all I thought about were the mistakes and I was sure they could see them.

Yesterday, I took the lace out and examined it carefully. I was able to find one mistake. It's a really pretty piece but over the years it morphed into some ugly piece of knitting in my head.

I used to think that my projects had to be perfect in order to be good or pretty. I've lightened up A LOT on that front; marriage and motherhood force you to chill on perfectionism. And, you would have thought that a Divinity Diva theologian would have learned that lesson years ago: only God is perfect.

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