Monday, February 4, 2013

When good lace goes bad

Over the weekend I finished the full version of Skywalker by Laura Nelkin. I finished on Saturday night, blocked it on Sunday, and was ready to wear it today.

Skywalker off the needles

Skywalker chillin' (aka blocking) on Sunday afternoon

I was very excited to show off my first lace project in nearly 6 years. And then...something horrible happened...As I was getting all the necessary items prepared which a Mommy and son need on a morning of errands, I snagged the lace. I mean a HUGE snag. I managed to pull about an 8 inch loop out which really is 16 inches of yarn.



The culprit of this horrible crime - my catch-all bag which carries all things toddler has a shoulder "grabber" with teeth and as I ran down the stairs it pulled the yarn right out of the Plasma Stitch section.

My son took a nap this afternoon (praise God) and I busted out my tapestry needle and began the task of slowly working yarn back into place. Think of it like loosening shoelaces, if your laces are really tight, you can't start pulling at the bottom. I gently worked the yarn in both directions of the wicked snag. It took about half an hour, but it was worth being patient.

While the yarn was redistributed, it still didn't look quite right. I laid the lace out on a blocking mat, grabbed my spray bottle, and soaked the area that needed to be re-blocked. Once it was damp it looked right again and then I let it dry.

Skywalker after Lace Surgery or chillin' part deux

All better!

***Important lessons***
1.) Don't put a grabby thing on lace.
2.) If there is not a wild animal chasing you or your child is not in mortal danger, then there is no good reason to run, especially when wearing lace. So undignified.

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