Monday, January 7, 2013

I heart Craftsy!

I am in LOVE with!

If you've never checked it out, then just click here! They've got a few free classes so that you can see what the learning platform is like. Craftsy has been key to helping improve my sewing. I've been knitting for about 15 years, but only learned to sew and quilt about a year and a half ago.

I took a couple sewing and quilting classes at a big box store, which were awesome since I was a newbie and had no idea what I was doing. It was nice to have a real person sit down beside me and say, "Oh, I see what the problem is."

The downside to the classes at the big box store was that I didn't feel confident tackling a pattern at home (sewing or quilting). For me the problem was the teachers taught too many "short cuts" when the focus should have been on the basics. It's hard to figure things out on your own when you don't understand the basics; sewing and quilting have their own language and an assumed base knowledge.

I figured I would need to mess around with a lot of patterns and waste a lot of money by experimenting to get a handle on the whole sewing/quilting thing. Then...Craftsy came along! The instructors on Craftsy are some of the best and once you pay for the class - you own it, forever!

 Ombre Ruffle Apron    

This apron is from Beginner Serging. I recently bought a serger and had absolutely no idea how to use it. I have wanted a silly, rufflely apron for several years. I've seen cute ones at Pier 1 and other stores, but the fabric was of poor quality. This class gave me the excuse to finally make a silly apron. I used quilt weight 100% cotton in Christmas prints and the fabric was 60% off when I got it. I think the total expense for the material was $5.00. 

                                                               Exposed Zipper Bag

The Exposed Zipper Bag is also from Beginning Serging and is one of the coolest things I have made so far. At one point you have two dimensional fabric and then a few inches of serging later you have a three dimensional object. It was so cool! I'm very proud of it and can't wait to make more. Fabric: pre-packaged quilt weight fat quarters and Pellon fusible fleece.  The total cost was about $5.00


This was my first project I made using knit fabric. I had heard that sewing with knits was horrible, but Meg McElwee's class Sewing with Knits takes away all the fear (and a walking foot for your machine works wonders, too!). Fabric: 2x2 Cotton Spandex Knit - and again, this was on sale - RED TAG SALE.  It was narrower than the suggested fabric width so I bought 4 yards for $10.00.  I have enough left to make a shirt for my son.

I'm working my way through other Craftsy classes and will post the results of my efforts. I've even signed up for a few knitting classes but I have to complete a few unfinished projects before I cast those on!


  1. Deirdre- I LOVE the zipper bag. Do you have to have a serger to make one? I've been wanting to make these, but I don't have a serger.
    Also, where do you find such cheap fabric???

    1. I'm sure you could make it without a serger so long as your machine has an overlocking stitch if you're using the fusible fleece. It would make the insides nicer. I did a quick search online "make a zipper bag" and there were a few options. This one is with a standard sewing machine"
      My main option for fabric is Joann Fabrics. I work their sales, iPhone coupons, email coupons, and snail mail coupons. Also, if you're willing to look, you can get some tremendous deals from the RED TAG table, especially when it's 50% off the RED TAG price. As I have learned not all Joann's are the same - some definitely have a better quality and larger selection that others. You can find some real steals!